Leading Military Exchange Representative

Our Business Philosophy

Our function is to furnish the greatest value in products and unparalleled service to our customers. Our goal is to provide this with the efficiency and to do it more economically than our competitors.

If we can help our customers do their jobs better, they will continue doing business with us and will recommend our company to others. We must always maintain our focus on customer service. We are not like other rep firms in our industry who merely take orders and ship product.

Our firm has carved a unique niche in the marketplace by offering a myriad of benefits and services our competitors do not. We must always treat our customer’s stores, their inventories, and their employees as though they were our very own. We must always be willing to go the extra mile for our clients. We pride ourselves on excellent service, attention to detail, honesty and integrity. Our customers have come to expect “the royal treatment” from Robert Jury & Associates.

Sales and Service

Headquarter Sales

  • Our three sales executives possess almost 100 years of exchange experience
  • Account management by branch
  • Strong relationships yield more basic stock ads

Retail Services

  • In-store service
  • Road shows, tent sales, and other special events
  • Product demonstrations and retail floor selling

Category Management

  • Sales and inventory analysis
  • Business reviews

Administrative and Sales Support

  • Customer service
  • “Chargeback” prevention and resolution
  • Return authorization processing and follow-up

Our Customers

We are proud to serve those who serve our country. Our products can be found in all the military branches of the United States.

Our Vendors

Our portfolio of quality vendors includes over 50 brands from a variety of categories.  We are proud to work with industry leaders in Hardlines, Softlines and Consumables. Contact us for a complete list of the fine brands we represent.

Management Profile

Robert Jury  |  President

Bob started as a representative with RTA International in 1979.  His success in selling to the military propelled the company to great heights.  He became Vice President of Sales in 1985.  Bob’s incredible achievements are well documented. He took Sanyo from $3 million a year in 1980 to an all time high of $18 million in 1994.  Bob made the Navy’s top ten vendor list several years in a row.  Mr. Jury joined our organization on July 1, 1996.

David Fishman  |  Vice President

David is responsible for our Dallas office which oversees our AAFES operations.  David has a strong Military Exchange background.  His father was employed with AAFES for 35 years and finished his career as an AAFES “Super Grade” executive.  David excelled as an AAFES buyer for several years and then started his career as a manufacturer’s representative.  He has worked with several top Military Rep companies in executive and senior executive positions.  For the past 25 years David has worked almost exclusively with AAFES Headquarters Buyers and Senior Management to develop programs for dozens of top rated companies.  His career in the Military Exchange business has successfully spanned over 30 years.