Business Philosophy

Our function is to furnish the greatest value in products and unparalleled service to our customers. Our goal is to provide this with the efficiency and to do it more economically than our competitors.

If we can help our customers do their jobs better, they will continue doing business with us and will recommend our company to others. We must always maintain our focus on customer service. We are not like other rep firms in our industry who merely take orders and ship product.

Our firm has carved a unique niche in the marketplace by offering a myriad of benefits and services our competitors do not. We must always treat our customer’s stores, their inventories, and their employees as though they were our very own. We must always be willing to go the extra mile for our clients. We pride ourselves on excellent service, attention to detail, honesty and integrity. Our customers have come to expect “the royal treatment” from┬áRobert Jury & Associates.

Our employees are key to this process. We believe in rewarding those persons who demonstrate a commitment to our philosophy and dedication to our company. We consider the environment in our organization to be one of the finest anywhere and hope that our employees will find a happy way of life as well as fair and equitable compensation.

We believe in generously supporting responsible charities and organizations both in and outside our community. It is our conviction that we should live by “The Golden Rule” and treat other people and property with respect.

It is our opinion if we live by this philosophy, employees will be productive, customers will be satisfied, and business will prosper!